List of essential items to be packed for a journey:

Travel is a fun and freedom when you are a solo traveler or travelling with your like-minded friends. But when you are travelling with family a lot of things come to your mind before stepping out including safety, security, taxi bookings, hotel bookings, packing of essential items for a peaceful travel, bag pack, luggage etc. There is a fear that we should not left any essential item which will create problem there. So, I am giving a glimpse of the items which are required to be available in your luggage or bagpack. These items will be your travel-mate during the journey. You may also suggest, in comment box, some more items to be included in this list.

List of essential items to be packed for a journey:

  1. AIR/ TRAIN/ BUS Tickets

  2. Taxi booking receipts

  3. Hotel booking receipts

  4. Passport

  5. VISA

  6. Travel Insurance

  7. International Driving License/ Driving License, if intend to drive rented vehicle or otherwise.

  8. Government issued Identity Card/ Aadhar Card etc.

  9. A copy of detailed itinerary.

  10. Laptop and its accessories like Mouse, Charger/Adopter, Bag, External Hard Drives.

  11. DSLR Camera or Point & Shoot Camera with all its accessories – charger, memory cards, lenses, polarizer filter, flash, connecting wires, tripod or monopod.

  12. Mobile(s) and its accessories – Charger, memory card, OTG Cable, Charging cables.

  13. Memory card reader which connects your Camera Memory Card to your mobile for photo/ images transfer, if you don’t want to carry laptop.

  14. Shirts, T-shirts, Jackets, Sweatshirts, Suits, Gloves, Hat / Cap, Muffler etc

  15. Jeans, trousers, shorts, lowers etc.

  16. Night suits, innerwear, undergarments etc.

  17. Shoes, socks, bathroom sleepers, sandal, boots etc.

  18. Towels (light towels are good for travelling).

  19. Rope with some cloth clips– usually this item is not our travel kit but this is a very essential item which can keep your cloths, towels, innerwear or undergarments dry, in need.

  20. As per prescription of your Doctor-Medicines (Allopathic, Ayurvedic or Homeopathic) – Routine / daily use medicines and some medicines for emergency situation. Hajmola-for gas troubles/ Kuka Tablets-normal throat problems etc. These are not my recommendations but for reference purpose only.

  21. First Aid Kit Box with Dettol or Savlon, Band-aids, surgical bandage, tape, sterilized cotton, Betadine tube/ Arnica Tube/ Calendula Tube etc., as per prescription of your Doctor. These are not my recommendations but for reference purpose only.

  22. Torch.

  23. Shaving kit BagBlade/ Razor, Scissor, Shaving Foam / Shaving Cream, After shave lotion.

  24. Toiletry kit Bag.

  25. Bathing Soap/ Body Wash, Face Wash, Detergent.

  26. Face Cream/ Body lotion/ lip-balm.

  27. Tooth paste, Toothbrush, tongue cleaner, gargle liquids.

  28. Electric kettle (1 liter/ 750ml / 500 ml) – with removable cord is very helpful or Coffee warmer – you can manage somehow if you don’t want to carry Electric Kettle due to some space crunch.

  29. Tea bags/ Coffee sachet/ Milk sachet/ Sugar Cubes/ Sugar-free.

  30. Steel Glass and Steel Spoon.

  31. Steel Tiffin for packing of food.

  32. Steel water bottle.

  33. A Bagpack for carrying daily use items during day trips.



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