List of 20 items to be considered for preparing a well balanced or perfect planned itinerary:

  1. What is your destination or multiple destinations? If multiple destinations, then distance between these destinations?

  2. What is the distance from your place or residence?

  3. What are the modes of travels?

  4. Whether there is more than one mode of travel to reach the destination?

  5. Whether destination(s) are far from the habitats or isolated or remotely placed?

  6. What is the terrain of that area?

  7. What kind of the weather in that area?

  8. Which kind of clothing is required?

  9. Whether air/ train/ bus/ cruise/ ship tickets are available? Even in case of multiple destinations, too.

  10. Whether Hotels/ Guest Houses/ Home stays are available, according to your need/ budget?

  11. Whether travel destinations are safe for you and your family? Even in case of solo travelers for both Men and Women?

  12. Whether there is any emergency backup for security reasons, if the place is isolated or remotely located? Even in case of medical emergency?

  13. Whether is there any restriction due to security by the Security Forces in case of destination located near border or any other important establishments?

  14. Whether any permits (say inner line permit) from the State Authorities are required to travel these places for Indian or native travelers as well as Foreign Travelers including their vehicles, too? Always extra copy of the ID Cards for inner line permits etc.

  15. What are the formalities of VISA? Whether it is VISA on arrival or one has to take VISA before stepping out?

  16. Whether any travel advisory issued by their Country or State Authorities in which the tourist destination located?

  17. Always take precautions and avoid visiting such places which are vulnerable for the tourists. 

  18. Some safety considerations may also be followed:

    1. Aware of one’s surroundings; 

    2. Always intimate your near and dear one’s about your location and itinerary details frequently;

    3. Always obtain medical insurance valid in that country before stepping out for travel abroad;

    4. Register with one’s national embassy as soon as arrive in a foreign country.

    5. Take international driving license and permits, if intend to drive in foreign country and take temporary auto insurance valid in that country, if required. Always traffic / driving rules and regulations of the country visited.

  19. Always keep some photos, ID Card copies, Passport copies, VISA Copies, air /rail/bus tickets, hotel bookings for emergency situation.

  20. The above things are not exhaustive but only elaborative in nature. Always think out of the box and foresee their requirements according to the places to be visited.



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