Travel: An experience:

A traveler can acknowledge his experience by amusing the world and say that something positive change happened to him and he made some positive impact to the destination he visited. As a traveler on the earth, we avail some unique opportunities and bringing positive changes to the nature, atmosphere, visited place and in oneself and we can break down barriers of the rudimentary thinking etc. We can visit to those places which are cut-down from the main sectors or tourist spots. We can stimulate their local economy; bring fresh ideas and perspectives when intermingled with the local population of the visited places/ destinations. We may also bring harmony and encourage them for cultural exchange among the communities, societies, natives and create a positive impact on them around the world. In other words, we may help the natives somehow and bring happiness in their lives which otherwise is not possible in this materialistic world where no one has time to spend with others. This not only helps us to understand the world in new scenario and with a better perspective but also to enhance and upgrade ourselves in better or upgraded version.

So whenever and wherever you go, try to adopt the culture of the visited place, intermingled with them with cautions, foster cultural exchange, learn new things about that place, try to taste local cuisines, purchase local food and items according to your need, don’t produce too much waste, don’t ignore local customs etc. Some rules may be followed, if possible, by the tourists or travellers to become a vigilant traveller/tourist.

Rules to be followed by the vigilant traveller/tourist:

Be a good traveller and take a pledge before starting new journey and become a positive contributor to the society, fill the gap between the societies/ communities and become an ambassador of change:

1. I will read about the destination place or visiting place.

2. I will be a good listener and good learner.

3. I will respect the locals, their customs and their culture.

4. I will try to learn some local phrases that will help me in communicating with local peoples and making my life easy during the period of tour or travel.

5. I will be polite, humble and have patience.

6. I will try to eat local cuisine or local food or traditional food of that area, if it suits me.

7. I will purchase local items which are grown or made in that region only. This act will bring some positive change in the society which ultimately helps the local people, local cottage industry or local self-help groups.

8. I will travel slowly to understand the social and economic life of that area or place, even if, travelling to a remotely located place.

9. I will try to enjoy the essence of that place, its nature and its surroundings rather than taking some snaps and moves to some other location/ destination as we just came here for taking some snaps for which we spent so much money.

10. I will not bargain for lower priced items or local farm produce, considering the profit margin of that item.

11. I will not disturb the other guests of the hotel or guest house or homestay. This is very important that we often found that some travellers or their families especially children make a lot of noise during odd hours and made others life miserable. Even then their parents don’t bother about such ruckus till the Hotel’s Manager does not make complaint in this regard. So maintaining ethics is very important.

12. I will not partying too late to disturb others.

13. I will control or limit my intake of liquor.

14. I will not drink and drive even though some or the people do in that place because I value our life and also for others.

15. I will always cautious about personal hygiene.

16. I will not become a waste contributor.

17. I will be respectful to the environment or nature and limit my plastic consumption like packed food in single use plastic boxes or water bottles rather I will use multi-purpose tiffin boxes and steel water bottles etc. I will be environment keeper not destroyer.

18. I will learn from the fellow travellers about the good habits and good behaviour.

19. I will not irritate fellow travellers or driver by asking same set of questions time and again.

20. I will not criticize the visited place after comparing its present state with some years back.

21. I will not judge the peoples from their appearance or by their cloths or their looks or their colour etc. because everyone is God’s creation and I don’t have any right to do so.

22. I will put down my social media accounts like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter etc. as far as possible. I am saying this because there are two reasons, one is you may not enjoy the place very well for which you have been there; and the other is, you are sharing your exact location with date and time, as soon as you upload your picture on these social mediaaccounts. By doing so, you may put yourself in vulnerable state and invite problems. So it’s better to avoid any mishappening and post your snaps when you move to another location or one/two days delay. This does not mean, you don’t inform your near and dear ones and well-wishers about your location, you inform them by other means of communication. I think you must be knowing, what I am trying to say.

23. Always follow your heart and change your plan according to the situation and enjoy the moment or place without regretting it.

24. I will not go to any place with stereotype thinking.

25. I will always be grateful to those persons to whom I learn something in the whole day whether it may be a fellow traveller, tourist guide, driver, hotel manager or waiter.

26. I will say ‘sorry’ to the concerned person, if anything happens wrong or anyone hurt because of me.

27. I will say ‘thank you’, if anyone helps me or otherwise too for his/her kind suggestion(s) which make my life simple, easy or prevents me from any kind of loss.

28. I will always say ‘thank you’ to the God, who enable me to visit such a wonderful place, for learnt something new from the tour/travel, made memorable moments of life, spent some quality time with my parents, spouse, children, relatives and friends etc.

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