How to Create a Hard Disk Partition in Windows 10

How to Create a Hard Disk Partition in Windows 10

Generally modern Machines (PC or Laptops) come with single Hard Disk Drives and you have to create new partitions for optimizing and utilizing the space in more organized and effective manner. You can also prevent your data from virus or malware attacks because sometimes you need to format the entire partition or your machine.

So whatever the reason, you should create and format it before use in Windows 10 Machine in following manner:

Step 1: Open your machine, having Windows 10, from administrator account because it requires administrative approval before creating a partition.

Step 2: Open Disk Management, which helps in management of hard disk drive, in following manner:

(i) Press Win + X keys in your machine.

Step 2: Shrink volume

2.1. Click Disk Management. Following screen will appear and show you all drives of your Windows 10 PC/ laptop.

2.2. Now you have to decide which Drive you need to do shrink, if more than one Drives are available. Here, only one Drive [C:] is available for shrinking.

2.3. Select Windows (C:) drive and click Action from Menu bar.

2.4. Press All Tasks from drop-down Menu then press Shrink Volume.

2.5. Please wait while querying shrink space is running in background which will not take long.

2.6. Now, a Shrink dialog box will appear which shows you how much space is available for partition.

2.7. Enter the amount you want to Shrink or create a new Volume. E.g. if you want to create a new 70 GB hard disk partition in your Windows 10 then enter the amount 71680 [70*1024=71680, as 1GB=1024MB] in the field after Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB. Then Press on Shrink button.

Step 3: New hard disk partition

3.1. As soon as you finish the above steps, you will find a new 70GB space created and marked as unallocated’.

3.2. Click on the new space and press Action from Menu Bar then press All Tasks and select New Simple Volume.

3.3. A New Simple Volume Wizard will appear. Click Next button.

3.4. Now, choose a volume between Minimum and Maximum disk Space shown in the dialogue box. Choose maximum size given in the dialogue box and press Next button.

3.5. Assign a drive letter for the newly created hard disk partition and then click Next.

3.6. Format Partition: To store data on this partition, you must format it first. Don’t try to change any other setting, just change Volume label “D in this case. Then click Next button.

3.7. Click Finish to complete the New Simple Volume Wizard.

3.8 Now, you’ve successfully created a new hard disk partition on your Windows 10 PC or laptop.


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